Computational Materials Science
Many of the most pressing scientific problems humans currently face are due to the limits of the materials that are available and how they are used. Thus, breakthroughs in materials science are likely to affect the future of technology significantly.



Innovative Materials Discovery

We have spent 2 years building INMAD - Our Innovative Materials Discovery Platform. We maintain a database of 280 million molecules and use the latest techniques in Deep Learning and Algebraic Topology to design solutions that fit our clients needs exactly.

INMAD has already discovered several industrial catalysts Ab Initio and In Silico.

Ab Initio, In Silico

Many companies try to fit a machine learning models to experimental data, but we believe this is the wrong approach. Our system have been built Ab Initio meaning "From the Beginning", and reason upwards from quantum properties, through molecular force fields, to free energy surfaces and molecular pathways

Modern Deep Learning

Our platform is augmented by several deep learning models which help guide things like reaction pathway search, property prediction and automatic optimization functions


Alain Richardt

Founder / Robot Commander
Alain is a polymath with an intense interest in Deep Learning, Algebraic Topology and Categorical Set Theory. Previously founded and successfully exited 2 startups, he wrote the INMAD platfrom that Quantum Catalyst is based on.

Alain has a broad and varied history that includes building Deep Learning systems for Molecular Dynamics, Interspecies Communication, 2D and 3D machine perception, Machine Reasoning, Thought Vectors and Energy Trading.

Jay Murmuridis

Co-Founder / Operations Lead
Jay Murmuridis brings a wealth of experience managing and growing large teams in high growth Pharmaceutical, Automotive and Mortgage industries. His experience in blitz-scaling startups includes a pivotal leadership role in a 0 to 67 million pharmaceutical startup.

Jay leads our commercial and strategic direction, leveraging key partners who can benefit most from creative technological innovation.

Dave DSilva

Dave D'Silva, BMath, founded Intelligent Market Solutions Group (IMSG), as an Ethical AI socioeconomic emerging technology project management firm. Built on a University of Waterloo quantum mathematics thesis, IMSG was launched to fulfill a trillion $ pact with Bill Gates. Achieving a $6 trillion milestone in Phase II (McKinsey PriceMetrix), Dave is organizing the Phase III Energy Cloud City, Space Engineering circular economy initiative with Quantum Catalyst Science.

Dave advises Toronto, New York and UK AI start-ups with support from York University Lassonde Professional Development AI, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity programs.

Dave schemes to develop and deploy Star Trek ideology and technology for the betterment of people, planet, and profit.

Jose Miguel Lopez

Machine Architect
Jose Miguel is a Mechatronics Engineer and Master in Business Administration with extensive experience working with big data, data mining, machine learning and business development. His experience includes projects ranging from energy trading, forex prediction, real estate prediction, surveillance and security.

Jose has also contributed to projects with strong robotics and automation requirements, being involved with the design and implementation of robotic systems from start to finish, both as hardware engineer and software developer.

Jose runs our entire scientific computing infrastructure.

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